The Key To Unlock You’re Enter Prison. By James Levine


The life fight, throws you many curve balls. However it doesn’t nesscicarly mean you can’t hit them. We never know why circumstances arise the way the do. That’s not you’re battle to fight. You’re the vessel that was chosen to endure it, not to figure out and conclude to the chess match. There is a time, and a season for everything. We all at times feel that we have seen our best days. No matter what it appears to be or feel, you have a devine purpose that you are unaware of. You will only win in life unless, you trust, and take the key to unlock your innner captivity. There is nothing more then the sprit, and freedom of the mind, and survival. You will then find the uncompromising will of joy. I learned this, throughout my life, time and time again. You have to want success, peace, joy, and happiness as bad as you want to breath. There is nothing that can stop you, you have to believe that, know that, and understand that. The harder life can be, the better the outcome will stand. Life is never out to get you. It’s a test, trial, and circumstance, to propel, and sling shot you’re self into the prosperity of fullment. Never believe, that you have seen your best day’s yet. You’re brothers and sister die every day. But it’s not a loss, it’s a celebration. Their in their true home now, watching down. The world keeps turning. You have to be the same ideal. Grab life by the neck, and and never let go. You will presently realize the true power you posses, and you’re motivational foot, will stay on the gas, despite what life throws at you. The world is in your palms. As the old english parliament stated, a bird in your hand, is far better than two birds in a bush. Go out and get it, and want it, for you.





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