Our Mission

The GroSource Network (TGN) serves to facilitate the positive growth and empowerment of our subscribers and their communities. We establish and nurture beneficial relationships and connections that invest and promote the personal development of others with the intent to strengthen and inspire growth in our communities. Through TGN activities and events, we encourage the betterment and progress of our subscribers and their communities. You can consider TGN as your very own personal development team. We look forward to making great things happen together. 🙂 

You are always welcome to share event and activity ideas just call (910) 479-7145 and leave a detailed message along with your contact information and we will gladly set time aside to discuss the benefits and advantages of working together.

Neighboring "Doing My Part" #DMP

Our entire objective is built on empowering communities towards positive growth and development through promoting and facilitating unity. We work with local community oriented entities such as churches, schools, and special organizations.  People are the key to the success of any program, business, and community; therefore volunteers are the true heroes of society. Individuals who selflessly take action and do their part creating  the power of synergy to bring about the positive growth and betterment of others are always in great need. 

The GroSource mission is to facilitate and nurture programs, services, activites, and events to empower local volunteers and heroes towards being the positive catalyst of growth and betterment they were gifted to be. Be able to say you are “Doing My Part” (#DMP) in your community and join us.


Let's Start Working Together

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