TGN Ambassador

TGN Ambassadors assist, support, and maintain healthy connections between our communities and local trusted resources and providers. This is achieved by creating and supporting local groups, networks, and causes in behalf of assisting others. We work with a diverse team of dedicated people  committed to helping others in the community. 

We engage the community through creating, promoting, and supporting community building campaigns such as:

  • Promoting TGN Trusted Providers.
  • Hosting subscriber giveaways,. awards, recognition, and activities.
  • Supporting community building programs, events and activities.
  • Sharing and distributing beneficial information, resources, and more

You will be amazed and surprised by the personal rewards you will experience and the new friends you will make beyond the satisfaction of increasing your efficacy. Other major opportunities are:

  • Gifts, prizes, and other incentives 
  • You will actually find great rewards in being social and having fun.

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