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TGN Trusted Provider

Our commitment is assisting other towards living up to the TGN mantra “Doing My Part” as far as contributing and collaborating with local resources and businesses providing beneficial outreach, services, and assistance for the betterment of our neighbors and community.  TGN Trusted Providers are recognized for their acknowledgement and commitment to putting UNITY in our communities and realizing success is measured in the positive difference you make for others.

We align and collaborate with providers and businesses who:

  • Support and promote growth and excellence in the community
  • Demonstrate sound principles, ethics, and values
  • Enthusiastically present actions that distinctly differentiate their
    business from other like businesses or service providers through their commitment to the community.
  • Value the benefits of fostering long-term relationships
  • Sincerely cares about their clients, patrons and the betterment of their community.

Interested in joining us in “DOING YOUR PART” towards contributing the betterment of our communities? Become a TGN Trusted Provider and set yourself apart from all other businesses and merchants by actively reinvesting in your community

Join our mission of inspiring, promoting, and encouraging positive change in our community. Bundle and save when you choose to become a TGN Trusted Provider and build your web presence with us.

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