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We are excited you are interested in becoming a TGN Media Contributor. Our goal is to share beneficial and growth promoting content that facilitates the growth and empowerment of our communities. As a TGN Media Contributor, you play a very vital role in helping TGN accomplish the mission of sharing empowering and beneficial information so, we encourage you to freely share your thoughts and ideas such as useful tips to help improve your home or work life, beneficial information on how to improve relationships, health, finances, or personal and professional development. Our platform is not only designed to share information that empowers and inspires growth, we are also interested in hearing opinions and thoughts on improving and solving local, national, and global concerns and issues. Every shared word in our community counts towards the collective objective of using the power of social media to inform and empower others. We greatly appreciate you taking the initiative to do your part.



Terms of Agreement


I agree to the following terms of being an official Media Contributor for The GroSource Network (TGN):

  • All content must be original, properly cited, and or credited to the sources involved, used, aggregated and or curated. Plagiarism on any scale will not be tolerated.

  • Content promoting, enticing, or supporting violence or acts of violence are prohibited.

  • Content is restricted to being commentary, informative, or critiquing in nature and not serve the sole purpose of solicitation, abuse, or slander.

  • Upholding the freedom of expression is a paramount objective; however, content deemed malicious, hateful, or grossly insensitive towards any specific group, ethnicity, race, religious order, gender, sexual preference, or members of a social or economic class will not be tolerated and if deemed as such will be immediately removed and may result in your suspension or removal as a TGN Media Contributor. Be advised controversy  and professional criticism is most welcomed for the purpose of education and the advancement of ideas and thoughts.

  •  Your status as a TGN Media Contributor may be rescinded at any time without prior notice or warning.

  • All content you upload or share via any and all TGN platforms electronically including third party social media platforms or internet services providers automatically implies, expresses, and grants TGN the permanent lifetime permission and or licensing to share and distribute content as printed and / or electronic transfer as an attachment, file, or email to other parties at the will of TGN.

  • TGN reserves the right to block, remove, or permanently delete any content not adhering to these terms and conditions, and acknowledge you are aware terms may change as needed to meet legal requirements or the right to protect TGN and its affiliates interest, reputation, and well-being upon notice delivered verbally, electronically, or openly posted.

  • You acknowledge you are at least 18 years of age and are deemed competent to lawfully enter into legally binding agreements. 

  • This is not an agreement for employment or the guarantee of monetary compensation; however, you may be awarded monetary compensation, bonuses, and incentives based on the availability of funding and the profitability of TGN requiring you to be responsible for the individual reporting and payment of income deemed taxable by your state and federal laws.

  • You agree to confidentiality and non disclosure of TGN operations, processes, information, workings, execution or intent to execute ideas and concepts. You agree to maintain confidentiality and be held to the infinite non disclosure beyond the severing of all affiliation personal and professional with TGN as supported by law and the ability to sue for breach of confidentiality or disclosure. 

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