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The GroSource Network TGN is committed to connecting you to beneficial resources, tips, community programs, and local trusted providers dedicated to the betterment of you & your  community.

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TGN Trusted Providers

Invest in the local businesses that invest in you. TGN Trusted providers are composed of local merchants, service providers, and business owners who are committed to doing their part towards improving and investing in the wellness of the communities they serve.

Working together we make great things happen

We focus on growing and improving UNITY in our CommUNITY. Our mission is to create progress through empowering and supporting our neighbors and TGN Trusted providers. You can do your part and volunteer with us,

Your growth is our mission

Our primary goal is empowering and supporting our network subscribers. We assist you by providing encouragement, information, and pointing you in the best direction towards your chosen path of success. Like a compass we are committed to helping you find your way towards betterment.


Awards & Recognition

We honor and recognize our heroes and heroines in our communities. One of our goals is to be a consistent positive motivating force towards promoting and encouraging achievement and individual growth and development. Connect with us and get involved in our giveaways, prizes, and awards.

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The GroSource Network (TGN) serves to facilitate the positive growth and empowerment of our subscribers and their communities. We establish and nurture beneficial relationships and connections that invest and promote the personal development of others with the intent to strengthen and inspire growth in our communities. Through TGN activities and events, we encourage the betterment and progress of our subscribers and their communities. You can consider TGN as your very own personal development team. We look forward to making great things happen together. 🙂

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

– Jane Goodall


If you would like to connect and contribute to the mission of empowering our communities and neighbors, you can learn more by joining TGN. "BE THE DIFFERENCE"

Let's Start Working Together

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