Giveaway Terms, Rules, and Procedures

The terms of gifting, contest, and giveaways for GroSource LLC operating as and also referred to as The GroSource Network or TGN require no purchase, obligation, or exchange of any monetary consideration and is intended for the purpose of reward and recognition for TGN subscribers for their commitment to becoming involved and participating in the betterment of their community. In keeping with North Carolina laws governing gambling, sweepstakes, and giveaways, no purchase, obligation, or consideration is required to participate.  Participants may enter by sending a self addressed stamped envelope with their contact information including their email address to The GroSource Network  607 Green Street Suite 101  Raeford, NC 28376.


Gifting, contest, and giveaways are intended and reserved for TGN subscribers and may or may not be restricted to certain areas as specified in each gifting, contest, or giveaway event. There are no fees, purchases, or requirements to subscribing or participating as a TGN subscriber.

Subscribers in the role of Partners, Affiliates, Links, Media Contributors, Directors, Ambassadors, vendors or hold roles in the execution, management, coordination, or directly benefit from professional affiliations with TGN events and activities along with their employees are not eligible to participate. Currently only participants residing in North Carolina are eligible.


Many will enter a few or one Subscriber depending on the event or activity may win. Odds are based on the location and total number of eligible Subscribers. Winners may be chosen at random or may be chosen based on competitive challenges with no purchase or commitment required.

Winners must claim gifts by the specified time frame if not posted or specified the default time period will be 1 week of the day announced or forfeit their gift to the next eligible subscriber. Winners will be publicly announced utilizing the means of communication offered by subscribers during registering (i.e. email).

All tax liabilities, warranty activations, end user Agreements, and owner registrations are the sole responsibility of the winner. The total value of any gift will not exceed the value of $600.00 to remain in compliance with Internal Revenue Services guidelines. All winners are required to sign a release from liability form prior to accepting any gifts or prizes.

TGN and all other affiliated parties are not held liable or nor do they assume responsibility for accidents, injuries, damages and/or misuse of any items and/or services delivered to winners or their associates, family, friends, and/or damage to property, persons or persons associated and/or directly or indirectly involved with the use of gifts items and/or services delivered by TGN.


Subscribers are any individuals who have voluntarily offered their contact or requested to receive information via mail, email, or other forms of verifiable means of communication.

Gifting is defined as selecting a specific TGN Subscriber for recognition for their efforts and actions consistent with the TGN mission of community empowerment and promotion of unity. TGN Subscribers are chosen based on their social media activity, community involvement, and interaction and participation during TGN specific events and activities. No purchase is required or necessary eligible winners are chosen from our list of TGN subscribers.

Contest is defined as a competitive event or activity requiring a subscriber to perform, conduct, or participate in a TGN or TGN associated  competitive event or activity resulting in one or more participants meeting or exceeding specific criteria and be chosen as winners based on comparing the results of other competing eligible Subscribers.

Giveaway is defined as an event or activity resulting in a winner solely based on the random selection of subscribers with no purchase, consideration, or obligation required.

Courtesy of Your Local TGN Trusted Provider

The statement courtesy of your TGN Trusted Providers refers to expressing gratitude to the commitments made by local merchants dedicated to assisting the positive growth of the community through supporting TGN’s mission of empowerment and community growth.  This does not imply or assumes any responsibility on the part of any TGN Trusted Provider or any entities affiliated or associated with TGN and its gifting activities. Compliance and execution of events and activities is the sole responsibility of GroSource LLC.

TGN gifting rules and policies make every attempt to adhere to the applicable rules of the state of North Carolina dealing with sweepstakes, gambling, and games of chance. The benefits of subscription is open to all legal residents of the United States and requires no monetary exchange or obligation other than the entering of non-private data for the purpose of identification.  

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