15-Year-Old Menlo Park Teen Makes NASCAR History


He’s too young to drive legally, but at 15, Jesse Love is already a champion behind the wheel.

With three wins and top 10 finishes in10 of his 11 races this season, the Menlo Park teenager raced his way into the NASCAR history books.

He recently captured the 2020 ARCA Menards Series West Championship – one of NASCAR’s top developmental circuits. And he did it in his rookie season.

“Obviously there’s a lot of cool names that have won this championship in the past so to be able to write my name in that book, in that history book is really cool,” Love said. “I started doing quarter midgets and go-karts, things like that, up in San Jose,” Love said. 15-Year-Old Menlo Park Teen Makes NASCAR History

thumbnail courtesy of nbcbayarea.com


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