12 Reasons Dancing Your Butt Off Is the Most Badass Mind-Body Workout


It’s hard not to be happy when you’re dancing. And, it turns out, when you “dip it low, pick it up slow, roll it all around, poke it out, let your back go,” you’re getting a pretty badass workout, too.

(Just thank Christina Milian for these continually relevant instructions. She remains an indispensable source of medical information.

The main benefits of dancing for health

improves agility and flexibilityimproves balance and coordinationimproves cardiovascular healthimproves muscle tone and strengthmaintains and builds bone strengthaids in weight loss or maintenanceimproves memory and cognitionimproves moodreduces stress levelsprovides an opportunity to socializeboosts self-esteemis easily adaptable to meet your needs

We’ll expand on these below, but it’s a pretty formidable list.

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Why dancing is amazing for you — according to an expert

“In my opinion, there is no better workout than dance,” says iFit trainer Kelsey Sheahan. 12 Reasons Dancing Your Butt Off Is the Most Badass Mind-Body Workout

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