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1 review
  • As a Gro Source participant, I would definitely recommend the Academy. Gro source has changed my life. Being a individual with a complicated background, I needed that rewiring of my brain in order to have healthy productive cognitive behavior. I receive support Day or night In various areas of my life. There is not a day that goes by, I do not communicate with somebody from Gro-Source. Rather it be something simple or a major life decision, I constantly receive support,reflection, as well as redirection when needed. It has made a major impact on me and my family’s life by simply retraining my brain. I can honestly say I see myself working with them for my future and hopefully working for them in the future. One of my many goals is creating a better tomorrow for the generations to come. In order for me to secure that for the future generations, I have to start the work from within. That is why consistently working with Gro Source is a must!

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