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We have a new phrase embedded into our minds today and that’s SOCIAL DISTANCING.  Here it is in a country where being social, sharing, and promoting ourselves and the smallest details in our lives created a billion-dollar industry.  Now we are being forced into the virtual world creating more of disconnect from each other due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps this is a higher power or mother nature herself forcing us to investigate how we have been living and what where we should place more emphasis on when it comes to value.  The experience of losing love ones to a silent executioner that prays on the weakest of us is very depressing. As we count the many who have died in these times and pray for their families, we must recognize the many who brave danger and hold steadfast on the front lines to maintain order, civil stability, and the reassurance that in time we will overcome the current challenges.

One of the many goals of The GroSource Network (TGN) is bridge the gap we unknowingly are creating when dealing with technology and our communities. Teamed with our local TGN Trusted Providers our aim is to place emphasis on one of the greatest assets and gifts we have in this world, which is each other.  It gives our TGN Team great joy and a sense of fulfilment to work with Rustic Burger found at 2563 Hope Mills Rd, a truly dedicated and committed to the community local small business.  Own and ran by Jon and Trista Schmier they have answered the call to DO THEIR PART in supporting the community several times. Observing the restrictions of SOCIAL DISTANCING and working for the community as a local TGN Trusted Provider the decision was made to also start promoting value and recognizing those who are holding the line keeping our communities moving forward. The silent heroes that we may at time take for granted.

For a limited time, Rustic Burger has discounted one of their popular burger and fry meals with the intent to rally the community towards recognizing these silent heroes.  You can help by buying a lunch for the heroes of the community and it will be delivered as recognition for their commitment and contribution to holding the line in these challenging times.  An organization, group, or company of heroes will be chosen, and the opportunity will be announced via social media to DO OUR PART and practice our new phrase for SOCIAL APPRECIATION. Working together we can overcome life’s challenges.  So, look for the opportunity to practice some SOCIAL APPRECIATING by viewing Rustic Burger or TGN’s social media platforms to see which heroes we will be rewarding and appreciating.

All you do is simply make the call to Rustic Burger just as if you would to order your meal at (910) 568-4471 and let the server know you would like to buy a lunch for one of the local heroes we are highlighting for the week.  The price of the meal is only $6.99, and it will be delivered directly on scheduled day and time.

If you would like to know more about becoming a local TGN Trusted Provider, please click here (Become a Local TGN Trusted Provider).  We do everything through the courtesy of our local TGN Trusted Providers like Rustic Burgers and encourage you to join our TGN community and support those who support you .


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