Innovation or Just Greed?

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Retailers are giving more consumers the option to shop without interacting with a cashier. Between Walmart and Kroger, 500 stores are about to ditch cashier.  Can we really say that technology is to blame for the loss of jobs or is it something else all together?  Hmm.. give it some thought and see how far you’re able to get asking the question “why” with whatever alternative motive you can come up with in your mind.  For me, the answer usually hits one of the seven sins, and in this case it smells a bit like greed?

Ok, so where did I come up with this assumption?  Let’s break it down.  There was a time people had to rely on people to make a community work.  Everyone kinda had their specialty and really had to bring something to the community to be part of it.  The farmer took care of growing the food, the store merchant took care of delivery supplies, the black smith took care of all things metal, and so on and so on.  Speed things up by a few centuries and now we have large corporations taking on these tasks of keep communities going, and they are not doing it out of necessity it’s all for profit.

We slowly concentrated our focus on individual wealth and wellbeing over values and community building. Way back when we focused more on what it took to build safe environments to maintain our collective wellbeing. With the growth and progress of economies, the world become more of a playground than an environment demanding our focus on survival.  Things were good enough to focus on thriving, which translated to amassing wealth and building status.  The pursuit of wealth and more wealth superseded the needs of the community, so  now the focus is not on building communities but how to get more wealth.  How to get more wealth from a corporate standpoint means increasing production or reducing expenses.

The birth of corporations came about pooling the efforts of individuals in a way that minimized liability for the purpose of growth and was actually meant to be temporary.  Now they have gobbled up the local mom and pop stores and farms centralizing and controlling goods and services for the sake of profits. The objective with no form of meaningful social responsibility is far from community building and is solely about profit building for few. That translates to replacing the more costly employee with one time purchased and depreciable automation. What’s the big deal it’s about efficiency right?  No it’s about better bottom lines aka more profit.

The demise of our economy will not be based on automation but on greed.  The automation that replaces the employee doesn’t earn a paycheck to then circulate those earnings to auto dealers, realtors, mortgage companies, retail stores, and yep that means those cashiers will not be able to give back to the grocery stores that let them go.  The money saved by corporations is taken right out of middle class circulation and circulates at higher economic “executive” levels as bonuses for the ingenious methods of increasing profits not build or investing in communities.  It’s a free country so let individuals fend for themselves, and sell job killing profit building methods as innovation and the facilitation of services and delivery of goods.

The golden TGN rule is you can’t shed light on an issue or problem without evoking a path to a solution.  The American people have to rekindle their moral standing and focus on their social responsibilities.  If corporations can’t exists with greater social responsibility, in time they will destroy the very economy they have become so comfortable feeding on like drunken ticks consuming a host to death without any thought of tomorrow.  Businesses and corporate America must consider the American consumer as valuable resources and take on their social responsibility by actively expanding and contributing to the American labor force with the long term goal of spreading the potential for prosperity. Basically you can’t enjoy the protection and security of establishing a business in the U.S. and not contribute to its economic wellbeing.  Every dollar paid out builds a consumer who contributes to the bottom line. Profits would eventually stabilize and fluctuate based on quality and service more so than chasing profits through the minimization of labor expenses or running from environmental and social responsibilities.

Before a company decides to move to a lesser developed economic country for cheaper labor, it should access the economic impact of the jobs being lost in this country by an independent source (preferably as project for university students).  We don’t want government involved in creating stifling regulations; however, negatively impacting our economy should be given serious thought before the profitability of a few. Findings researched by several universities as part of their curriculum and civic duty, should be shared with the exiting corporation, Congress, and most of all the people.

The people play a huge role in the direction taken by corporations.  The more we are willing to sell our souls for the immediate comfort of instant gratification the more we allow big corporations to do what they do. It is ultimately up to we the people to positively regulate our economy.  Economically underdeveloped countries fight for the opportunity of having big corporations set up shop in their backyards and are willing to sell their futures and souls for far less.  Socially irresponsible corporations are more than willing to take advantage of not only the cheaper labor but also the lax to non existent environmental responsibilities.  This is done all in the name of generating more and more profit. Like building your house right above the diamond mine you are aggressively and insatiably over mining to feed an of endless greed.

I do believe there should be more government incentives for major companies and corporations to start and remain in America not just from the standpoint of profitability but also a measure of social responsibility to the consumers responsible for corporate profits.  Tax breaks or incentives should be based on the merit of social responsibility.  Corporations should be given larger tax incentives based on the positive impact they have on the American economy.   If your manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, there should be an incentive that aggressively competes with the savings of searching out cheaper labor and irresponsible environmental practices.  We can achieve this by concentrating on running our government efficiently, with a high degree of accountability, and with the idea of making long term positive actions oppose to short term advantageous reactions. After all, that is advertised objective of the reason we elect officials into government.

This is not pie in the sky thinking.  The more we contribute to focusing on building of our labor force the more revenue can be taxed from a consumption standpoint to fuel the responsibilities of our government and the more corporations will have to look to be more profitable from focusing on employing US workers, building better products, and investing in the future of our wellbeing.


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