Development Programs

Self Transformation Edification & Progress Program (S.T.E.P.P.)

Self Transformation Edification and Progress Program (S.T.E.P.P.) set to assist others build their self esteem, efficacy, confidence, and value. S.T.E.P.P. is for individuals seeking self improvement through self paced assisted group facilitation. The mission of Self Transformation Edification and Progress Program (S.T.E.P.P.) is to empower individuals towards making positive life changes by assisting them to discover and build their potential and self efficacy while inspiring and facilitating goal setting execution and achievement.

S.T.E.P.P. Benefits & Activities

  • Group Activities

  • Resume Building

  • Assistance and resources securing employment and career advancement

Career Development & Exploration

Our Career Development and Exploration program works in harmony with local employers and state services to assist local residents improve their skills. talents, and employability qualities in order to meet or exceed the needs of today’s employers. Young adults other interested in exploring different careers or changing careers will find our Career Development and Exploration Program beneficial. (CDEP). The mission of Career Development and Exploration Program (CDEP) is to introduce, encourage, and facilitate the exploitation of creating opportunities towards properly preparing and pursuing the many career paths available in our areas. 

CDEP Benefits & Activities

  • Guest speakers, 

  • Employment recruiters

  • Assistance and resources securing employment and career advancement

Youth Leadership & Mentoring

The  mentoring and leadership program is designed to prepare our future leaders, scholars, business owners, and professionals to build and maintain productive lives as positive contributors to their communities and society. The mission of the Youth Leadership and Mentoring Program (YLMP) is to actively engage and nurture the up and coming generations  in our communities into developing into future leaders focused on the betterment and advancement of tomorrow through the positive development of self esteem, self efficacy, honor, respect, and pride

YLMP Benefits & Activities

  • Build self esteem & efficacy

  • Counter negative behavior

  • Support positive youth development

Community Edification and Networking (C.E.N.)

Community Edification and Networking (C.E.N.) facilitates the connecting and networking of communities with the intent of improving local neighborhoods through creating and maintaining meaningful relationships designed to improve neighborhood safety, value, and growth.  An active campaign empowering neighbors to become more involved in the betterment, safety, and positive growth of their immediate area. The mission of the C.E.N. is to place focus on and increase UNITY and the benefits of being part of a close knit all inclusive community. 

Neighborhood Development Activities 

  • Organized yard sales and clean up

  • Community gardening and landscaping 

  • Properly Value Enhancement projects 

  • Community Fitness and Wellness initiatives 

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