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Lipstick Out Of Crayons

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / September 7, 2014

Yep! Make your own lipstick out of crayons and other household items. [jwplayer mediaid=”1406″]   This is a fun tutorial delivered with great energy and excellent production quality. The ingredients and items you will need are: Crayons (non-toxic) Petroleum Jelly Coconut Oil Glass Jar Saucepan Water Stove or adequate constant heat source Small container to
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Computer / Internet Technology

Things You Need to Know About ATMs and Debit Credit Cards

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / July 13, 2014

Technology has made life so much easier; however, we must be vigilant and aware that the easier we make things for ourselves the easier we maybe making things for criminals as well.  The convenience of automatic teller machines (ATMs) to include any self service machine such as gas pumps and the use of debit /
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Water Stains on My Ceiling is My Roof Leaking?

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / January 6, 2014

Roof Leaking You just weathered a pretty bad thunderstorm with violent winds and you look up and notice water rings on your ceiling. It is obvious it must mean the roof is leaking, so your response is to call your insurance company because there must be damage to the roof.  Well it may sound very
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Education & Training

47 Things You Can Do To Make Life Simpler

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / June 5, 2015

You think that your life is hard, the world’s unfair, and you just want to have a simple life you used to have when you were a child….do these 47 things to make your life simple again: Talk with each other, don’t guess what others’ thinking. Be friendly to people around you, wearing a smile
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Health / Beauty / Fitness

Cutting Up Hair Salon

By John / April 14, 2014

Okay, I am traveling down Raeford Road on a beautiful day looking for Cutting Up Hair Salon on 9998  Fayetteville Road.  My GPS politely informs me to make a U-turn because I just missed it. I am cursing technology for not having the know how to pull my arm and point.  I do as I
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Education & Training

The Way We Shop and Clip Coupons is Evolving. Are You?

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / July 11, 2014

I am old enough to remember when the Wednesday or Sunday paper was something my mother use to ask for religiously. They contained money saving coupons especially the Sunday paper, which seemed to be as heavy and thick as a huge dictionary. She would also wait for other publications and mailers to fill our mailboxes
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