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Made In The USA?

By GroSource / November 25, 2014

 This is a copy of an email circulating online. The statements made are not the thoughts or expressed beliefs of The GroSource Network (TGN) nor has the information been verified for its accuracy or claims.  This post is strictly being shared for its entertainment and controversial value only. Food for thought..     ACE HARDWARE –
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Education & Training

Benefits of NC Division of Employment Security

By GroSource / August 8, 2014

A lot of us have been conditioned to believe and perceive certain things from one view point.  When we hear government assistance we may instantly start to perceive negative thoughts of poverty, hardship, and worst someone looking for a hand out. It is truly shameful through the use of media and the slinging of possibly
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Water Stains on My Ceiling is My Roof Leaking?

By GroSource / January 6, 2014

Roof Leaking You just weathered a pretty bad thunderstorm with violent winds and you look up and notice water rings on your ceiling. It is obvious it must mean the roof is leaking, so your response is to call your insurance company because there must be damage to the roof.  Well it may sound very
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The American Drug Cartel

By GroSource / July 31, 2014

A great deal of American time and money is invested into drugs whether they are legal or illegal it is a viable and booming business.  Viable because it keeps the economy going, employing a great deal of people and creates a sustained flow of money.  The big question we should be asking is where do all the
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TGN’s Neighborhood Holiday Event

By John Robinson / December 9, 2013

We invite you to participate in our TGN’s Neighborhood Holiday Festival Event   TGN subscribers from our local area have been invited to register to win prizes and participate in the Outdoor Holiday Décor competition.  Prizes will be awarded for the home voted as most creative and decorative within three participating subdivisions.   Forest Woods
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Education & Training

You Become What You Think

By GroSource / September 15, 2014

    Nature keeps things pretty simple when you pause and take it in.  A lion is born to be a predator and seems to know what it is from birth based on its instinct.  What other outside stimuli does the lion rely on to confirm he is what he thinks he is. Unlike humans
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