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Things You Need to Know About ATMs and Debit Credit Cards

by John Robinson / July 13, 2014

Technology has made life so much easier; however, we must be vigilant and aware that the easier we make things for ourselves the easier we maybe making things for criminals as well.  The convenience of automatic teller machines (ATMs) to include any self service machine such as gas pumps and the use of debit / […]

Do You Know Your Rights?

by John Robinson / July 31, 2014

  You have to love and respect America for what it allows to happen more so that what has happened in the past.  I feel I can say this as an immigrant to this country.  I know of no other country that comes to mind that allows such a great deal of freedom and has […]

The Way We Shop and Clip Coupons is Evolving. Are You?

by John Robinson / July 11, 2014

I am old enough to remember when the Wednesday or Sunday paper was something my mother use to ask for religiously. They contained money saving coupons especially the Sunday paper, which seemed to be as heavy and thick as a huge dictionary. She would also wait for other publications and mailers to fill our mailboxes […]

Inside Scoop with Child Care

April is often registration time for daycare and pre-school programs. After being a Director for day schools and a parent,

The Art of the Pitch

All of us at one time or another will have to pitch an idea to someone. Maybe it will be

Are You An Asset or A Liability?

Many people fall into a complacent mindset and feel if they are performing at the minimum standard then they are

Convenience My….!

In this world we want life to be easy. Simple. Effortless. Someone is always coming up with a faster and

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Relay for Life

by Donna Gargett / April 7, 2014

All of us one way or another have been touched by cancer, isn’t it time we took a stand against it? There is strength in numbers and every year people walk or run everywhere for 24 hours because cancer never sleeps. A lot can happen in twenty-four hours for someone who is battling cancer; it […]

Water Stains on My Ceiling is My Roof Leaking?

by John Robinson / January 6, 2014

Roof Leaking You just weathered a pretty bad thunderstorm with violent winds and you look up and notice water rings on your ceiling. It is obvious it must mean the roof is leaking, so your response is to call your insurance company because there must be damage to the roof.  Well it may sound very […]

I Am Not My Hair

by Ebony Stonewall / July 16, 2014

Many have questioned why I chose to grow locs or wear my hair “natural” in a superficial society of what’s trendy and appealing supporting European characteristics features and attributes. Well take a look into my journey… In 2006, after graduating from Fayetteville State University, receiving a job promotion, and purchasing a new vehicle, I felt […]

Keep it safe. Save to a cloud.

by David / June 6, 2014

Do you have some of your most precious moments on your mobile device? Maybe your child / grand child being born, taking their first breath, and yelling their first cry. Maybe its the time you were at a family reunion and that one family member just made everyone’s day. Whatever the case may be, the […]