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Is a College Degree Worth the Expense Today

by GroSource / July 31, 2014

  Recently I asked the question about the value of a college degree or better put, the worth of a college education today.  The responses were interesting and drove me to find an answer I could live with and pass on confidently.  Many many moons ago, when I walked the halls of my high school […]

It Is Not All About Likes and Thumbs Up

by GroSource / August 13, 2014

Do You Really Want or Need More Likes On Your Page? If social media is an addiction then likes are the most commonly requested thing online similar to being asked for spare change in some of our finest stations of transportation.  We are becoming increasingly comfortable measuring life and relevant content by the number of likes […]

Lose Weight Fast Guranateed 15 Pounds in Less Than 15 Days

by GroSource / January 6, 2014

Lose Weight Fast! If you were guaranteed you could lose 15 pounds in less than 15 days, would you be interested in hearing about the miracle program developed by years of intense study and research?   The method is sound and although not yet FDA tested or approved has user testimonials, endorsements from board certified medical […]

The Art of the Pitch

All of us at one time or another will have to pitch an idea to someone. Maybe it will be

Finding Your Voice

When it comes to Professional Development, my biggest downfall was my shyness. After a lot of trial and error, I

Transformational Thinking is Mandatory

  It is remarkable in our American culture and free society that offers more than most countries; we still have

Social Media: Are You Truly Benefiting From the Phenomenon or In Need of a Stoker?

The social media craze is creating an observable shift in advertising norms, and truly connecting people nearly at the speed

Winford Lee Jr

Automotive Sales / Service

Bo Rivera

Automotive Sales / Service

Protected: Posting Content

by GroSource / September 15, 2014

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Shame on Who?

by GroSource / January 6, 2014

  Who should carry the shame of being considered gullible or irresponsible: companies, their advertisers or we the consumer?  Some are quick to say shame on them for prostituting beauty in certain ways, making empty promises, or influencing the mass towards unhealthy behavior.  In our country of expressed and rightful freedom, who is to blame […]


by John Robinson / July 17, 2014

Expectations   Several years ago while experimenting with skydiving, I was at a very small airstrip located not far from an economically challenged area (that’s the politically correct term for a poor neighborhood). I could see several young boys gazing curiously from across the street. I thought living so close to the airstrip; they would […]

You Become What You Think

by GroSource / September 15, 2014

    Nature keeps things pretty simple when you pause and take it in.  A lion is born to be a predator and seems to know what it is from birth based on its instinct.  What other outside stimuli does the lion rely on to confirm he is what he thinks he is. Unlike humans […]