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Roof, Shingles and Roof replacement

by John Robinson / December 24, 2013

Does it Really Matter When it Comes to Roof Shingles and What is The Difference? This question was recently asked and answered by Nick Skatell of NKS Contracting a local TGN Trusted Provider specializing in roof repair and replacement. Nick responded by saying, This question is one of the most frequently asked it is a great […]

It Is Not All About Likes and Thumbs Up

by GroSource / August 13, 2014

Do You Really Want or Need More Likes On Your Page? If social media is an addiction then likes are the most commonly requested thing online similar to being asked for spare change in some of our finest stations of transportation.  We are becoming increasingly comfortable measuring life and relevant content by the number of likes […]

Roof Replacement

by John Robinson / January 20, 2014

Roof Replacement Gone Wrong The TGN Team recently met an awesome family involved in a roof replacement gone wrong.  Some time ago they were approached by a stranger who made them an incredible offer of replacing their aging roof at no cost to them.  Hard offer to turn your back on when presented when the […]

Things You Need to Know About ATMs and Debit Credit Cards

Technology has made life so much easier; however, we must be vigilant and aware that the easier we make things

You Become What You Think

    Nature keeps things pretty simple when you pause and take it in.  A lion is born to be

The Art of the Pitch

All of us at one time or another will have to pitch an idea to someone. Maybe it will be

Benefits of NC Division of Employment Security

A lot of us have been conditioned to believe and perceive certain things from one view point.  When we hear

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What You Focus on Gets Your Attention & Your Efforts

by John Robinson / June 20, 2013

Many people fall into a complacent mindset and feel if they are performing at the minimum standard then they are in a so-called “safe zone”. The truth is in business there are no safe zones only profits and losses, and breaking even is one step away from a loss. Therefore, the safe zone that some […]

Leasing a New Vehicle Simplified

by John Robinson /

The average consumer usually learns about leasing for the first time during dealer negotiations when trying to finance their new vehicle.  At that point, it is too late to educate yourself on the pro and cons since you are in the ether and hopefully not eagerly trying to make a square peg fit in a […]

Water Stains on My Ceiling is My Roof Leaking?

by John Robinson / January 6, 2014

Roof Leaking You just weathered a pretty bad thunderstorm with violent winds and you look up and notice water rings on your ceiling. It is obvious it must mean the roof is leaking, so your response is to call your insurance company because there must be damage to the roof.  Well it may sound very […]

Transformational Thinking is Mandatory

by John Robinson / June 20, 2014

  It is remarkable in our American culture and free society that offers more than most countries; we still have so many issues.  The opportunities and assistance is the country is mind boggling and we still have so many people out there struggling with no end in sight.  Please do not misunderstand or try to […]