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The American Drug Cartel

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / July 31, 2014

A great deal of American time and money is invested into drugs whether they are legal or illegal it is a viable and booming business.  Viable because it keeps the economy going, employing a great deal of people and creates a sustained flow of money.  The big question we should be asking is where do all the
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Dining / Travel / Leisure

The Dating Scene in Fayetteville

By Ebony Stonewall / April 24, 2014

In a constant changing military town like Fayetteville, what is the dating scene like out here? If you are a resident of our community, you will notice that it has a high population of married couples. When I think of the military, automatically, I do think of a family unit also known as a support
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Water Stains on My Ceiling is My Roof Leaking?

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / January 6, 2014

Roof Leaking You just weathered a pretty bad thunderstorm with violent winds and you look up and notice water rings on your ceiling. It is obvious it must mean the roof is leaking, so your response is to call your insurance company because there must be damage to the roof.  Well it may sound very
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Education & Training

47 Things You Can Do To Make Life Simpler

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / June 5, 2015

You think that your life is hard, the world’s unfair, and you just want to have a simple life you used to have when you were a child….do these 47 things to make your life simple again: Talk with each other, don’t guess what others’ thinking. Be friendly to people around you, wearing a smile
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Relay for Life

By Donna Gargett / April 7, 2014

All of us one way or another have been touched by cancer, isn’t it time we took a stand against it? There is strength in numbers and every year people walk or run everywhere for 24 hours because cancer never sleeps. A lot can happen in twenty-four hours for someone who is battling cancer; it
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Automotive Sales / Service

Buying a New Car / Incentive Programs

By The GroSource Network (TGN) / September 20, 2014

There are countless pieces of information online offering guidance and strategies on how to buy a car.  First thing you have to ask yourself is whether the information is truly helpful or actually crafted to lure you into supporting sites based on popularity over its value.  Titles like How to Buy Your Next Car Below
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